Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What is Processing Speed?

What is processing speed? Processing speed is how quickly one can get information, think about the information, form a response and give the response. Essentially processing speed is how fast one can do a task.

“Decreased processing speed can impair the effectiveness of working memory.” (Flanagan, 2004)

Strategies to improve processing speed:

1) Overlearning/ Improving Fluency: By having the task become automatic this will allow less concentration on the task, which will lessen the amount of time needed to process the


Other possibilities:

· Connect prior knowledge to already known knowledge

· Structured routines

· Additional time

· Peer Buddy / opportunities to participate in collaborative learning

· Have student repeat or summarize information

· Encourage student to become own advocate—ask for help

· Give wait time to allow student to process information at a comfortable rate

· Pair multiple modalities (ex: verbal with a visual cue)