Monday, September 12, 2011

What Are Multiple Intelligences?

Dear Friends,
     Mrs. Turse has put together some comprehensive handouts about Multiple Intelligences. She has offered a great overview of the theory as well as specific information about each intelligence. I will post all of the information on this blog.
     The theory behind Multiple Intelligences was developed by Howard Gardner, Ph.D., a professor within the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Dr. Gardner expanded what we know about intelligence. Historically, intelligence was based on an IQ test and score. Dr. Gardner helped us to understand that there are many different types of intelligence that might not always be measured by an IQ test.
     These intelligences include:
  • Interpersonal Intelligence
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence
  • Kinesthetic Intelligence
  • Linguistic Intelligence
  • Logical/Mathematical Intelligence
  • Musical Intelligence
  • Naturalist Intelligence
  • Spatial Intelligence

     Dr. Gardner believes that we all possess the range of intelligences listed, but to varying degrees. Everyone learns differently because each person is working with a different combination of intelligences. When we work to strengthen any one of the intelligences, all of them become strengthened as well. When you understand your strengths, you understand how you learn best and can adapt your learning and studying to match your intelligence.
     For example: If your strength lies within intrapersonal intelligence, the best way for you to study might be to journal about what you learned, study in a quiet place with no interruptions, work one on one with a tutor, or connect the material you are learning to the experiences within your own life. Understanding yourself as a learner can enhance your instruction and self-esteem. You may want to check out some of the resources below and even take the quiz to determine your strengths!

Other resources include:
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We hope that you find this information helpful!
Kimberly Borin and Kim Turse
Learning Specialists