Monday, September 19, 2011

Key Words for Test Taking

Dear Friends,

     Kim Turse put together a great list of words to use as a guide in understanding the directions to a test.
Good Luck to you!

Kimberly Borin
Kim Turse
Learning Specialists

Here are the key words for test taking:

Key Word
What Should I Do?

Give the characteristics and qualities about the subject

Tell all you know about the subject that is connected to the question

State / Define
“Briefly describe” with minimal elaboration

Divide the subject into parts and examine the elements of each

Briefly tell the sequence of steps / pieces that make up the whole

Design a starting point and create a logical pattern leading to a conclusion

Look at the development or events from a start point to an end point

Outline / Summarize
Tell the overall theme and give the main points

Diagram / Sketch / Illustrate
Present a visual with labeled parts

Compare / Contrast
Give the likenesses and differences

State the subject in simpler terms

Explain with significant examples

Adopted from the books: Making the Grade (Grassick, 1983)  and How to Take Tests (Millman & Pauk, 1969)