Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Book Review #3 / Study Method "PAGE"

Dear Friends:

A book I came across this summer that had a well thought out method in which to study was Student Success Secrets by Eric Jensen. The author uses the acronym PAGE to outline his method.

P: (Prepare)

· Put up a do not disturb sign

· Rid possible distractions (cell phone, TV, etc)

· Have the room at a cool temperature

· Get water to drink while studying

· Organize your materials

· Breathe deeply & relax

· Browse through the material “The brain is poorly designed for brand new big ideas or concepts. But it is very good at nibbling at ideas that become big ideas.” (p. 72)

· Browse about 5 – 30 seconds per page

· Make an outline using titles, subtitles, pictures and key words (later you will add to the outline)

A: (Ask)

· Ask questions – this gets your mind ready to locate answers

· Base your questions on photos, captions, titles, etc.

G: (Gather)

· Read the text / add your notes to an outline or pose new questions

· Put a checkmark in the margin for information you deem important – later you will reevaluate if it is important

E: (Evaluate)

· Browse through the material again to refresh your memory

· Can you discuss each chapter title, topic, etc?

· Review the checkmarks and decide if that information is still important

Kim Turse, M.Ed.