Monday, September 19, 2011

Brain-Based Learning

Dear Friends,
     You may have been hearing a lot about "Brain-Based Learning" and wondering what it is all about.  Brain-Based Learning is a newer field in education and helps us to understand how our brains learn best.  This field of study has grown and has been shaped by neuroscientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and educators like Howard Gardner, Ph.D. who have helped us to expand our ideas of learning.
     Brain-Based Learning helps us to understand the optimum conditions needed for students to learn.  This philosophy of learning instructs us on how to give the brain and the person, the best environment for learning. 
     Brain-Based Learning also informs us about the development of the brain, neural plasticity (how the brain adapts to change), basic brain physiology, and how we can use more of our brain.  In this field we are reminded that sensory information, teacher communication, classroom environment, kindness, and less stress matters when it comes to learning.  This is a paradigm shift in understanding the way we learn.
     There is much to share about Brain-Based Learning.  On this blog we will share some resources as well as some practical tips for studying and learning.  Brain-Based Learning is being infused into classrooms, professional development centers, corporate training rooms, and hospitals too.  This knowledge is helping everyone to learn in ways that are more compatible with their brain (and their being) too!
Stay Tuned!

Kimberly Borin,
Learning Specialist

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Eric Jensen’s Website on Brain-Based Learning
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Dr. Leslie Owen Wilson’s site on Brain Based Education

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