Monday, November 5, 2012

Life 101 and The Superstorm Curriculum

Dear Friends,

We hope that this e-mail finds you, your family, and all of those you care about doing well.  If you can read this, you may have access to the internet or better yet, electricity, water, and heat.  We are thinking of you during this difficult and trying time, and sending you good wishes.

We know that even though many students may or may not be in school, they are certainly learning a lot.  As a matter of fact we are all learning a lot.  At the moment, we are all part of a class called, Life 101 and learning from The Superstorm Curriculum.  Below I explore this new class and curriculum in the following ways:

Curriculum and Class
The Gifts of Learning
The Superstorm Curriculum in Life 101 Class
The Gifts of Learning from The Superstorm Curriculum in Life 101 Class

Curriculum and Class
We know that curriculum shows up in lots of different ways.  Sometimes, curriculum shows up in a certain subject (math, english, social studies, macroeconomics), sometimes a certain level (like AP, Honors, or Elective), and sometimes as a class, group project or an independent study.  Sometimes, we sign up for the course because we choose to learn about a certain topic, sometimes the class is a requirement. Other times, we are signed up for the class, and it is chosen for us.

The Gifts of Learning
We know that as we are learning there are many gifts.  We can trust that along the way, we are not alone and we are all learning together.  There are many other gifts for us and others, moments of hope, and friendships.

We can bet that in our new class, Life 101, there are students of all ages, teachers of all ages, and everyone else too.  We are in this class together with a challenging curriculum, and we will help each other learn new things.  We will also come out stronger, smarter, compassionate, and more resilient than we were before.

The Superstorm Curriculum in Life 101 Class
The Superstorm Curriculum in the class of Life 101 - may have shown up for you in lots of different ways.  Perhaps the subjects are no longer math or social studies but something different.  Perhaps you are learning about: Weather, Cutting Down Trees, Living without Electricity, Learning How to Layer Clothes, Learning How to Help Others, Learning How to Live With Others, Learning How to Stand Patiently in Line for Water or Gas, or How to Care for Those Who Are Hurting.

Maybe the level of the your Life 101 class with the Superstorm Curriculum is easy, or interesting, or more like an elective class.  Maybe you have been placed in a situation that has been more trying or challenging.  Perhaps you were placed into the Advanced Placement Storm Survival Class or the Honors Class in Developing Grace Under Pressure or maybe even another kind of class that is offering you a more challenging curriculum than you have dealt with before.  Maybe you are learning all of these things as an independent study or maybe you are learning them with strangers you have met in the gas line or even family members.

Maybe you are happy to be learning, much like you would feel if you had chosen the class.  Perhaps you are in a situation where you didn't want to or didn't choose to take the class you are in.  Perhaps these are not the subjects, or the level of class that you wanted to take.  Perhaps you are in an Advanced Placement Resiliency class but you only felt prepared for the College Preparatory Resiliency Class.

The Gifts of Learning from The Superstorm Curriculum in Life 101 Class
No matter what situation you are in: the subject you are learning, the level of the class, the choices you've made, or those that have been given to you; you are not alone and we are all learning together.  You can trust that there are gifts within your learning too.  You can trust that there are millions of students and teachers learning with you, sharing in the victories of learning, and sharing in the difficulties of learning too.

What you are learning today, in this particular situation will be a gift to many people, perhaps for the rest of your life.  Trust that all you are learning can help others and can help you too as you travel in life and bring your gifts, strengths, and talents to fruition.  Trust that you will be given many gifts along the way too.  Perhaps you will receive gifts of insight, inspiration, patience, courage or the chance to rest.

Trust also that there are surprises, miracles, and even moments of hope that show up in ways and at times that you may not expect it.  Be open to those moments, and share them with those around you.  Your hope, positive outlook, and inspiration matters to others more than you know.

You may find during these days that you are making new friends, or renewing friendships, or strengthening the relationships you already have.  You can trust that friendships will show up at just the perfect moment.  As you are learning, you will also provide friendship to others offering them hope, on their journey.

Remember that you are not alone, we are all in it together and we learn from each other, all of the time.  Trust that you have already earned an A+ in Life 101 class.  Know that you are stronger, smarter, compassionate, and more resilient than you were before.  When you return to school, let us know about all that you have been learning, we would love to hear about it.  We will learn from you too.

We are sending you good thoughts and look forward to being with you soon!

Most Sincerely,
Kimberly Borin

P.S. Trust in your own resilience.  You are a gift!