Monday, November 12, 2012

Top Ten Ideas for Relaxation

Top Ten Ideas for Relaxation...

1.  Start with an awareness how you are feeling -  Notice how you are feeling in mind, body, and spirit.
2.  Drink water - Sipping water throughout the day can help you feel more relaxed and alert.
3.  Notice your posture - Notice how you are sitting throughout the day.  Just taking a moment to sit up tall and take a deep breath can help you to feel more relaxed.
4.  Try simple breathing techniques - Throughout the day become aware of your breathing.  Try to pay attention to your breath and allow your exhale to be a little bit longer.  This will help you to feel more relaxed.
5.  Tensing and relaxing muscles - When we are stressed we carry a great deal of muscle tension in our body.  Taking a moment or two to tense shoulders and arms and then relaxing can help to relieve stress.
6. Use your imagination - Take a moment to think about something pleasant, or imagine yourself being happy, and a great success.  This subtle shift will allow you to feel more positive instantly.
7.  Speak kindly of yourself - Take a moment to notice the your self-talk and see if you can shift it to be more positive.  Our words have power and this can make a good difference in how we feel!
8.  Ask for help - Be sure to reach out to others if you need anything at all.  Knowing that you are not alone allows us to feel less stressed.
9.  Laugh when you can - This brings great energy to our mind, body and spirit and can shift how we feel in an instant.
10.  Rest - Take the time you need to rest and to get enough sleep.  Sleep is a great healer and strengthener and can help us to handle stress too.