Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Children's Yoga

Dear Friends,

     At Gill St. Bernard's school, I have the very good fortune of teaching Children's Yoga as part of our after school program.  Yoga is very beneficial for our students as learners and as developing people too.  We know that yoga helps to develop resilience, the ability to feel a sense of calm, concentration, focus and strength.  Many of my students are not new to yoga as they do it at home, at camp and even at birthday parties.

In each lesson, I incorporate several types of yoga.  This includes: children’s yoga, laughter yoga, restorative yoga and exercises from the Brain Gym (TM) curriculum. My goal for the children is to have fun and to help strengthen mind, body, spirit and learning too!  We focus on and celebrate mindfulness, imagination, resilience, joy, intelligence, and our global connection!  In our class we also use beginner yoga poses, Brain Gym (TM) Exercises, simple breathwork, progressive relaxation, positive affirmations, and visualizations too.

Below is a list of helpful resources that can give you some more information about the different types of yoga as well as some interesting articles. 
Best wishes to you for a great day!
Kimberly Borin

P.S. Happy Halloween!