Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Writing as a Family

Dear Friends,

We know that you may be spending a great deal of time together as a family over the last few days.  This time can be a found opportunity to do some writing together.  Below are some simple ideas taken from the book, Families Writing by Peter R. Stillman.  You may want to look over the list to see if any of these ideas seem appealing to you.  It could be the start of a new family tradition or a even a simple way to pass the time.  They suggest some of the following:
  • Create a family journal - write simple passages, glue in tickets, cards or special notes.
  • Interview each other with some simple questions like:  What is your favorite story about courage?  or Were there any major historical or weather events that affected you?  What were they and how did they affect you?  Who is your favorite hero and why?  What are the dreams you have for your life (no matter how old you are)?
  • Gather favorite family recipes in a box or a book.
  • Write a letter to your future self and save it for later.
  • Create a family collage of favorite pictures, sayings, and memories.
  • Write a poem together - serious or silly.
  • Create a collection of family doodles.  (Why not?)
  • Create a family cartoon series.
  • Write a story together with each person adding on as you go.
  • Write an encouraging letter to someone who is affected by the storm.  Your words matter!
  • Create some simple pictures together with crayons, paint, colored pencils - or even finger paint!
  • Create a gratitude list of all of the things are you grateful for and save it to read at a special meal.
Have fun!
See you soon!
Hoping you are warm, safe, and dry - and together with your family!
Most Sincerely,
Kimberly Borin