Friday, October 26, 2012

Professional Development

Dear Friends,

I recently had the good fortune of the attending the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools (NJAIS) fall conference.  The conference was filled to the brim with speakers that bring us to the cutting edge of the issues in education.  In this conference I was reminded of the power of music, mindfulness, play, and learning to become an entrepreneur.

The conference was captivating and reminded us to celebrate the whole child and at the same time prepare them for a future that they must create.  Below I have listed some of the links for the speakers if you are interested in learning more abou their presentations.  I encourage you to even take a few moments to view the topics.  I promise, they will enhance what you know about the joy of learning.

Kimberly Borin

The Power of Music in Learning
Mrs. Tricia Tunstall:
An article about her new book, Changing Lives: Gustavo Dudamel, El Sistema, and the Transformative Power of Music:

The Power of Mindfulness in Education
The Hawn Foundation, MindUp Curriculum:

The Importance of Play
An article on the importance of play and learning:

Educating Entrepreneurial Students
Dr. Yong Zhao’s Website:
Dr. Yong Zhao’s new book, World Class Learners, Educating Creative and Entreprenurial Students:
Dr. Yong Zhao’s Blog: