Monday, October 22, 2012

Top Ten Ideas for Strengthening Resilience

Top Ten Ideas to Strengthen Resilience:

1.  Be Still - Take time, listen to your heart, be aware of what you need.
2.  Dream Big - Take time to dream big, spend time sculpting the vision you have for your life.
3.  Build A Community - Build a team of people to help you, support you, and cheer you on.  Choose people who believe in your dreams!
4.  Use Your Voice - Express yourself in your own way, ask for help, be an advocate for yourself.
5.  Find Peace - Find the relaxation strategies that you need and that work for you. Take the time you need to find your own center and allow your decisions to come from that place of grounding.
6.  Trust the Process - Trust all of the small and big victories and how everything is unfolding.  Trusting the process doesn't allow us to deny our responsibility but it does allow us to surrender and let go as things happen.
7.  Undersize Your Goals - Dream big but also create small doable goals along the way.  Achieving small goals is a great way to feel successful towards your larger dreams.
8.  Follow Through - Be accountable to yourself and your goals.  Take action and take responsibility.
9.  Affirm Your Gifts - Trust that your gifts and strengths matter in the world.  Trust that all of the things you do, from taking a deep breath, to starting a non-profit make a positive difference locally and globally too.
10. Be Flexible and Creative - Along the way, the journey changes, the goals change, and our abilities change too.  Allow yourself to be creative, think outside the box and be a part of the dynamic journey of life.