Monday, January 23, 2012

Strengthening the Executive Skill of Working Memory

Dear Friends,

In this post we will be exploring the executive skill of “Working Memory.” The definition of working memory is the ability to hold a certain amount of information in the mind in order to carry out a task or activity. Some strategies for strengthening working memory are:

· Chunk small pieces of information together into groupings

· Physical exercise

· Games – such as memory, crosswords, etc.

· Have student repeat back what they just heard

· Encourage child to participate in discussion

· Rehearse the information

· Be active in reading – highlight, underline, write in the margins

· Learn to use a spell checker or calculator

· Put the information into simple sentences

· Establish clear routines for/with the child

· Method of Loci (see link: for explanation

· Mnemonics

o Acronyms – the beginning initials are used to create a saying or word to help with memory

o Rhymes – make up a silly rhyme

o Visualization – use images to make a memory stand out – the more outrageous the easier it will be to recall

Remember the goal of teaching strategies is for the child to learn compensating methods to overcome areas of weakness and in the long run gain independence.

Have a Wonderful Day,

Kim Turse, M.Ed