Sunday, January 1, 2012

Affirmations for the New Year

Dear Friends,
     Here are some learning affirmations for children to start the New Year off right.  Best wishes for a most wonderful and nourishing (and smart) 2012!
Kimberly Borin
Kim Turse
Learning Specialists
Some Affirmations for You!

 You are amazing!  We feel very lucky to know you and to have you in our school.
 You are a gift to the whole world!  Believe that it is true!
You are so smart and you are learning so many new things.
I hope you have a great day filled with laughter!
You are able to learn new things in your own special way.
Know that you make a difference in your family, your school and the world too!
You are becoming a better learner each day.  This will help you for the rest of your life!
Thank you for being a positive, peaceful and fun community member!
Thank you for bringing kindness to your friends and family.
Take a moment to think about what would allow you to feel peaceful today.
Thank you for bringing your smile to our school.  You make our school special!
Take a moment to think about something you are grateful for today.  Tell someone.
You will grow up to do great things!  You will help to make a positive difference
Take a moment to think about how you are feeling today.  Tell someone about it!
Thank you for doing your best in school and outside of school too!
We are so thankful that you are here at our school.  You are terrific!
Thank you for taking good care of yourself so that you can learn well!
You are a strong person and you can make it through times that sometimes seem tough.
You have many different talents and these make you a unique person in the world.
Thank you for being a good friend to others and an important part of our family.
You are special to so many people.  So many people care about you!
Thank you for being your amazing self!  You inspire us everyday!
You have great character and you are very kind.  You shine!
You look so nice everyday!  Thank you for taking the time to look great!