Monday, January 30, 2012

Strengthening the Executive Skill of Task Initiation

Dear Friends,

     In this post we will be exploring the executive skill of “Task Initiation.”  Task Initiation is about getting started!  Sometimes when students begin a task, they are eager to get started and other times, they may feel overwhelmed or nervous about beginning.  Sometimes, students are afraid to begin a project because they are worried that they won’t be doing it perfectly.  Being able to take on new tasks is an important skill for life as is managing the emotions that show up.

     Some strategies for strengthening Task Initiation include helping students look at the whole task in front of them and be able to break it down into very small manageable pieces.  Students may also need permission to take a risk and permission to make mistakes as they learn something new.  Students feel safer in beginning projects when they know that the result does not have to be perfect.  It can also be helpful to talk about the project and any feelings that are associated with it too. 

Best wishes to you and your students for successful new beginnings!
Kimberly Borin
Learning Specialist