Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Being an Amabassador of Peace

Dear Friends,
     Small things can make an enormous difference in the world.  This is the message that we give to students when we teach them that very simple things like a smile can bring more kindness to the community around them. Recently I taught a simple lesson for all first grade students.  In the lesson we talked about how we can be an "Ambassador of Peace" by offering some good social skills to one another.  We also talked about how these skills help us to be a success in all that we do for the rest of our lives.
     I hope you find this little list helpful!
Kimberly Borin
Learning Specialist

     In the lesson we practiced some social skills including:
  • Taking time to be good to yourself and to ask for help if you need something
  • Saying, "Good Morning" and "Good Evening"
  • Waving "Hello" or "Goodbye"
  • Asking someone how they are doing or feeling and waiting for the answer 
  • Taking the time make good eye contact with those around us and with those to whom we are speaking
  • Listening to what someone is saying
  • Smiling
  • Trying to include everyone, even those that may seem different than you
  • Offering to help someone if they need it
  • Offering a compliment to someone
  • Knowing that you make a positive difference in the world by simple, kind gestures