Monday, May 28, 2012

Learning Differences Defined

Dear Friends,
     Below is a list of learning issues that are often seen in schools. Below, we offer websites that have great definitions as well as characteristics and accommodations. What we know is that many students who are very intelligent and successful often have learning differences. These students are a great success because they have learned how to learn for life - and they teach us how to learn better too.

     What you will find is that many of these learning differences overlap with one another or exist simultaneously. The differences between them can often be subtle but can be delineated by a psychologist, neurologist, audiologist or other outside professionals certified in psycho-educational testing and other testing specific to each of the issues.
We hope that you will the information below helpful. Please share with us any resources that you find valuable - it is always good to have more resources. Thank you!
Kimberly Borin
Kim Turse