Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Skill Strengthening Apps!

Dear Friends,
     Summer is a good time to explore some useful iPad (TM) applications for school.  Below I have listed some simple applications for the iPad that were shared with us by Dr. Friedlander, a leading educator in Assistive Technology.  You may also want to check out Dr. Brian Friedlander's Website for Assistive technology. You can find it at and his blog is
Here are just a few you may want to check out:

Writing Apps
-Dragon Dictation App
-Speak It!
-Comic Life
Reading Apps
-Learning Ally
-Nook for Kids
-MeeGenius App
Science Apps
-Frog Dissection for the iPad (TM)
-Periodic Table of the Elements
-Science 360
Social Studies Apps
-Google Earth App for the iPad(TM)
-This Day in History App
-The World History Atlas App
Math Apps
-Math Drills
-Math Zooms
-Wolfram Alpha

Best Wishes for a Great Summer Vacation!
Kimberly Borin
Kim Turse