Monday, March 19, 2012


Dear Friends:
Topic - Neurobiofeedback: AKA – EEG Biofeedback
Neurobiofeedback is a non-invasive method to train the brain to self-regulate itself. This method can be used for ADD/ADHD, sleep issues, anxiety, and headaches. It is about a twenty session process (but will vary individual to individual) to guide the brain to more desirable functioning. Neurobiofeedback is conducted by a trained individual. A licensed provider can be located by using Neurobiofeedback is done by having the provider hook up electrodes to certain locations on the head to measure brain wave frequency. A trained provider will individualize where the electrodes are placed based on the individual’s needs. After being connected, the provider will monitor brainwave frequencies and try to build up the good, while lessening the bad brainwaves. The individual is playing a video game or controlling music playing, which will work if the individual is “in the zone.” In the zone means that one is able to do the task for an extended period of time. When one falls out of the zone, the game or music will cease playing. The person then needs to refocus and begin the game or music again. Essentially Neurobiofeedback can work for some individuals to retrain their brain. Below are two YouTube videos which provide further insight into neurofeedback.
Have a wonderful and productive day,
Mrs. Kim Turse