Monday, March 12, 2012

Music for Relaxation

Dear Friends,
     When I am working with students in a classroom or in a yoga class, I infuse different kinds of music into what we are doing.  The students enjoy a variety of music - sometimes in one lesson - and noticing how each type of music makes them feel.  I have noticed that students of all ages (adults included) can't help but laugh and feel playful with dolphin or whale music - and feel happy and peaceful with ocean and rain sounds.  The music seems to transform the mood and the room too!
     Below is a list of some of the music I use.  I hope you'll find music that is transformative and nourishing for you too!
Kimberly Borin
  • "Relax with “Song of the Dolphins” – Enhanced with Music – Nature Music
  • “Song of the Whales” – Nature’s Music – Nature Music
  • “Natural Stress Relief” by Solitudes – Music for Your Health - Nature Music (Ocean and Rain)
  • “Dakshina” by Deva Premal – Sanskrit Chanting
  • “Unwind” by Somerset Entertainment Ltd. – Acoustic Guitar
  • “Zen Grooves” by Somerset Entertainment Ltd. – New Age
  • “Inner Voices” by Carlos Nakai –Native American Flute Music
  • “State of Grace III” by Paul Schwartz – Spiritual Music
  • “Sleep Deeply” by Solitudes and Somerset Entertainment Ltd. – New Age
  • “Shamanic Dream” by Anugama – New Age
  • “Refresh” – Hallmark Licensing, Inc. 
  • “Watermark” by Enya
  • “Shepherd’s Moon” by Enya