Monday, February 27, 2012

Strengthening the Executive Skill of Monitoring

Dear Friends,

     In this post we will be exploring the executive skill of “Monitoring.”  In monitoring, we want our students to be observers of their work, their process of learning and the efforts they are putting forth.  In monitoring students become more aware  of what they are doing as well as how they are behaving. 

    Some strategies for strengthening monitoring and/or self-monitoring include parents and teachers talking with students about what the teachers observe.  It also helps to give students to do some self-reflection about their own work and how they are doing.  Students can do some self-reflection by journaling or talking about how things are going.  We want them to objectively observe themselves (which is not easy) and we also want to make sure they are not overly judging themselves.  As students are able to monitor their efforts, they can begin to make small adjustments to achieve greater success.

Best wishes for a great day!
Kimberly Borin
Learning Specialist