Thursday, October 6, 2011

Taking Notes - Method #7

Method #7: REAP Method (helps the students to make a personal connection and provides them with memory triggers to recall information for later use)

Step 1: Lay notebook flat – divide up the page (in two) and put in the headings Class and the other REAP

Step 2: In class only take notes on the right side of the notebook under the heading Class

Step 3: After class go back to the notes and create a trigger (words, picture or phrase) that may help you remember the class notes

Step 4: After class go to the REAP column and fill in “REAPING THE BENEFITS” – SEE BELOW

R(Relate class notes to own life)

E(Extend material to a world connection)

A( Actualize – how the information might work in the world)

P (Profit – how this idea in your notes helps mankind or the world)