Monday, October 3, 2011

Benefits of Relaxation Skills

Dear Friends,
     There are many benefits to learning and practicing relaxation skills. Here are just a few. They highlight the importance of learning these skills not only for school, but for life too. I hope you will find the list helpful.
     Here is also a wonderful article about the benefits of relaxation written by Linda Lantieri for Edutopia. Click here:
Wishing you a relaxing moment (or two),
Kimberly Borin,
Learning Specialist

Learning relaxation skills can offer students many benefits. These include:
· Balancing the mind and body and enhancing one’s knowledge of how to calm down the body and mind at will
· Increasing flexibility and strength within the body and in life situations like friendship and family issues, etc.
· The ability to feel calm in stressful situations like test-taking and job interviews, etc.
· Help with focus, attention and concentration in and outside of school
· Breath awareness, calmness and self-control, less psychological and physical distress
· Less aggressive behavior allows students to calm down and think through their reactions and actions
· Increased self esteem for students by helping them have more control over what they do
· Creativity mentally and physically
· Teamwork and cooperative learning
· Acceptance of personal limitations and learning to move beyond them
· Understanding of emotions and emotional strength
· Maintaining and building a healthy and flexible spine
· Teaching respect, compassion, sharing, and character education
· Embracing and accepting personal differences
· Laughing and having some fun!
· Understanding one’s own contribution to World Peace!