Monday, September 24, 2012

Top Ten Study Skills

Our Top Ten Study Skills Include:

1.  Be organized – Be sure that you have everything you need to study.  Be sure to have a special place to keep books, notebooks, and folders that you may need to study properly.
2. Study to suit your learning style – Be sure to know when, and where is the best way for you to study.  If you need help understanding more about the best way to study – see the Learning Specialists, they are happy to help you with this. They are there to help you with multiple intelligences and learning styles.
3. Use good time management skills – Be sure to study in small amounts of time over a longer span of time.  For example, it is best to study for 10 minutes a night for 5 nights, than studying for 1.5 hours the night before.  Be sure to review your notes often before the test.
4. Know what will be on the test – Have a clear understanding of what will be on the test.  Be sure to ask teachers ahead of time so you can prepare properly and efficiently.
5. Set a personal goal for your tests and grades – Set a goal and speak with teachers about what it might take to reach your goal.  Believe in your ability to do well and to achieve your personal goals.  Take time to visualize yourself succeeding!
6. Break goals and projects down into small manageable pieces – Learn to break larger projects down into smaller tasks.  Set dates to accomplish these tasks.  In the end you will accomplish your goal but with less stress.
7. Learn to relax and manage stress – Find the ways that will help you to relieve stress.  This will help you to learn more in school, study better at time and perform with more success on tests.  If you feel overwhelmed or unsure of how to handle things, don’t be afraid to reach out for help.
8. Be an advocate for yourself – If you need help understanding a concept, breaking projects down or knowing how to study, be sure to ask for help.  Only you know what you need.  There are so many people willing to help you and are happy to do so.
9. Become a great note taker – Learn about different note taking strategies that will work for you.  Find ways to capture all of the information that you will need for the tests.
10. Learn about memorization and reading comprehension techniques – There are many different ways to memorize and become a more active reader.  Find ways that work for you – they will empower you as a learner for life!