Monday, April 9, 2012

Academic Habits

Dear Friends,

Amy Tierney shared this resource with me. I thought that the author, Jim Burke did a phenomenal job of pinpointing academic habits that are important for a student’s success in school. I felt that these habits were so crucial that I organized them in a question format in kid-friendly terms. Students can now really think if they are following through on each one.


If a student is not being successful, they need to answer the following questions. It is important for them to self-reflect on their academic responsibilities as a student.

· Do I ask for help when I do not understand a concept, skill or idea?

· Do I bring all the necessary supplies to class each day?

· Do I check my work to make sure all the requirements are included?

· Do I come to class on time?

· Do I complete and hand in all my homework?

· Do I have a particular place where I do my homework that is free from distractions?

· Do I have my cell phone, computer, etc disturbing my study time?

· Do I actively listen to what the teacher and other students are saying?

· Do I keep my notes and materials organized for each class?

· Do I participate in class discussions?

· Do I carefully read all the directions before I begin to work?

· Do I review my tests and assignments in order to learn about my mistakes and how to fix them/.

· Do I study a little bit each night leading up to the test date?

· Do I take notes during class?

· Do I take notes on what I have read?

· Do I have a system to keep track of homework / tests?

· Do I write down specific information to help recall what the assignment is?

· Do I use active strategies while I am studying?

Information based on The Teacher’s Daybook by Jim Burke (Heinemann: Portsmouth, NH) 2011

Have a great day,

Kim Turse