Monday, August 15, 2011

That Time Again...Homework!

Dear Friends,
Homework, homework, homework...Yes, we have all done it in our day, but why? Homework serves many purposes:
  1. Homework allows a student to practice new skills that have been taught in class.
  2. Homework allows a student to apply previously mastered skills in a new way.
  3. Homework can be a valuable assessment for teachers to use.
  4. Homework fosters a student's ability to develop time management and study skills.
Each person is unique in the method(s) that work best for them. Throughout the year the Learning Specialists will inform students and parents of several methods that fit various learning styles. Our goal is to enhance an understanding of your child's learning style and provide tools that can work with their strengths to make learning more enjoyable and in the long run more beneficial to them as learners.

Kimberly Borin and Kim Turse
Learning Specialists